The 2019 Competition Has Ended

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our Award Winners!!



Our Judges

WE HAVE THE BEST JUDGES. The 2019 competition had the greatest group of international judges in North America - the most influential people in the wine industry, including Masters of Wine, Master Sommeliers, sommeliers, educators, enologists, winemakers, retailers, importers and wine industry writers and consultants. Stay tuned for our 2020 line-up of Judges...

Competition Results

Over 1,400 entries from around the world were judged in 2019 ...

... by 32 judges representing 12 countries over 2 days of competition ...

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Sommelier - Wine Judge of Canada

Francois Coté

Sommelier-Conseil and Engineer, studied in France at "l'Université du Vin", François believes that there is passion and genius in wine! Wine Educator for the SAQ and active wine judge, sharing is in my wine glass!

Judging activities includes Sélections Mondiales des Vins du Canada, Mondial des Cidres, Grands vins du Québec, Montréal Passion Vin, All Canadian Wine Championships.

Sommelier-Conseil et ingénieur, formé à l'Université du vin en France, François considère qu’il y a de la passion et du génie dans le vin! Plusieurs années dans l’enseignement au Canada et à l’étranger le rendent fin pédagogue et bon vulgarisateur. Grand amateur de Porto, spécialiste des verres, membre de "Wine Judges of Canada", Le monde du vin en est un de plaisir, de partage et de découvertes.