The NEW date for next year is April 28-29, 2018

Our Judges

WE HAVE THE BEST JUDGES. Our judges include the most influential people in the wine industry, including Masters of Wine, Master Sommeliers, sommeliers, educators, enologists, winemakers, retailers, importers and wine industry writers and consultants.

Competition Results

Over 1,000 wines from 12 countries were judged ...

... by 25 judges representing 9 countries over 2 days of competition ...

... and the Results Are In!

The Great American International Wine Competition is open to all commercial wineries from anywhere in the world. Wine may be entered by the winery, or by their distributors and/or importers.  .

Please carefully review the Class Listing and choose the correct class entry number for your wine. 

Every wine entry must include a class entry code number, as listed in this form. We reserve the right to change a wine class number if we deem it necessary.

The information you enter in the 'Made from (%)'  section of each entry will appear on the Judge’s Scoring Sheet. Please provide accurate information on the percentage of grapes in your wine, e.g. Cabernet Sauvignon 70%, Merlot 20%, Cabernet Franc 10%. DO NOT include tasting notes or marketing text.

Residual Sugar information may be entered in as %RS (common in US) or g/l (common outside US).

The price information requested is for suggested retail value in the United States. All prices must be listed in US Dollars. All wines should be priced according to the bottle size entered (eg. $30.00 per 750ml.)

Please make sure to ship FOUR (4) bottles per entry.

Any questions, please call

Ron Dougherty at 585-414-8279

All competition results will be available posted within 7 days of the compettition.

Notification by mail and awards will be sent to all winners.